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GILLIAN’S STYLE: My style would have to be eclectic. I always enjoy mixing things  up by pairing vintage pieces with modern ones. I can go very minimal and classic one day and very dramatic and fun the next but still keeping my girly side of course.

INSPIRATION: Everything inspires me! From music to paintings to books and even people.

WHAT IS ONE THING YOU’D LIKE TO SEE CHANGE IN THE FASHION INDUSTRY? One thing I would hope to see to change in fashion is the typecasting of looks. For me fashion and outfit choices are a form of self expression and one should never discriminate based on a person’s sense of style.

STYLE CRUSH: My new style crush would have to be blogger Peony Lim. I love how she balances effortless yet fashionable dressing all the time. And of course there’s Rachel Zoe’s over dressing qualities and  Olivia Palermo’s Classic sense.

IMPACT: I believe Fashion is very powerful. It has an unconscious impact in society whether or not people  recognize it. A simple restyling of a look or even a change of color choice can make all the difference. Not anyone may agree but Fashion for me is art in all it’s forms. Movement, architecture and  design.

SPRING AWAKENING: What I enjoy most about spring are the vibrant colors and light silhouettes I can get to where!

SPRING BREAK! I guess my ultimate Spring break vacation would have to be traveling and seeing the Spring collection on the runways! Or going to an island paradise and getting to take all the sleep I can get.

Love her style.

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